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Army of Ages

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Army of Ages
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Army of Ages Overview


Play Army of Ages online, the best of what Age of War Games has to offer! It comes with classic strategy gameplay, fun battles, and interesting evolutions, but with modern graphics, and a richer world! If you become a military expert and evolve your civilization, you will even end up fighting aliens! Newcomers, let us give you guidance, and help you win the battle and the war!

Rule the Army of Ages online!

Defeat the hive of aliens starting from the Stone Age. If you defeat them in the war of that time, you can evolve to a new age. You will see all the buildings change face, and the units become different too. You will learn how to use metals for armor and new weapons, develop industry, build tanks in the modern era, or create robots in the future.

Your base is on the left of the screen, and the alien base is on the right. Between them is where the fight takes place. Send out troops to attack them, and they will meet you in battle. Be fast in spawning units, so that you overtake them. Having a bigger number will crush your enemies!

Gather resources, and get money!

This game, unlike its predecessors, focuses more on money-making, instead of XP points. You need money to use for building, and for spawning. The XP points are only for evolving. When the meter is full, you travel in time to the next age!

For this reason, make sure to create gatherers. These are units that go and gather wood, stone, metals, and other resources. You then use them to build new structures and locations. For example, the barracks. From them, you can upgrade the attack, defense, health, speed, and other stats of your units.

Offense and defense, they both win a war!

From the home base you make gatherers, but also soldiers. Some only walk on foot, some have swords, and others are archers. Diversify troops so that you are strong on land, and in the air. Be powerful in short-range battles, and make long-range attacks too.

Build turrets as well. They can be defensive in nature, and help protect your base in addition to your troops. Never forget about upgrading your cave, your castle, or any other home base you run!

Keep your troops healthy and fit!

Work on building and accumulating water reserves, send the gatherers to get plants, or the hunters to get meat. It's important to keep the nourishment of your troops good. Take care of them and citizens. Citizens will work harder, and the soldiers will win more battles than the aliens!

Become the ruler of humanity right now, defeat the alien threat through millennia of battles and wars, and be a good king to your subjects!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the menu on the bottom left to move around the map and show more of it. Watch the enemies to attack them, or defend from them!
  • You can change the speed of the game to make time move faster.
  • Play in one of four levels of difficulty. Pick Insane to prove you're a real general!

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