Age of War 4

Age of War 4

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Age of War 4
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Age of War 4 Overview


Age of War IV is a special version of the game War of age, which is why we allow you to discover, try to create your own battalion of soldiers, soldiers that then you'll have to send in prehistory, there where wars were given for food, wealthy land, and water to survive. A new element is also included in this game, namely this time you have to know that you can build your own MANA, the substance that allows you to have a large number of fighters on the battlefield. Turn down the ax up in the castle that you have to receive increasingly more hands, and this way you will have the energy to get through the game of all the activities Age of War 4 will put you.

In the game, you can access the Skills Confirmation Menu where you will be able to see 20 different skills which can help you to win every battle. First, you have to use the Special attack - upgrade your special attack, which blankets battlefield with arrows, upgrade costs 3000 EXPs.

  • Angel - costs up to 4000 mana, but this is the strongest heroes, unleashing massive destruction with their divine swords.
  • Arrow - a standard arrow with quick reload speed. Upgrade to create a powerful barrage. Mana Stock to upgrade your mana from 50 to 100/second.
  • Fire Arrow - a fiery arrow that pierces through enemies and explodes when fully upgraded.
  • Barrier - allows the creation of a protective barrier in the front of your tower and it costs 2000 EXPs.
  • Blue dragon - dragons which are more powerful, flying units, freezing enemies with their icy breath.
  • Castle's Health - boost your castle's health to withstand more punishment. Light Elf - elves are lightly armored units with an elegant mastery of the sword.
  • Thunder Arrow - the thunderous power of lightning pulses through this piercing arrow.
  • Exp Gain - can give you more experience with each enemy kill.
  • Golem - are monstrous ground units with high strength and endurance.
  • Dwarf - Dwarves are hardy warriors who wield electrified axes.
  • Wizard - Wizards are deadly at long range, with their burn multiple enemies at once.

The game was published by Max Games, Armor Games, Kongregate. To see age rating you have to hack or unblock each version of this flash game.

How to play?

the mouse will have to develop your team you have.

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