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Era: Evolution

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Era: Evolution
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Era: Evolution Overview


Welcome to 'Era: Evolution', a new war, strategy, and tower defense game all in one, with a format similar to that of Age of War Games, which is why we are keenly positive that this is going to become one of the top new games you get to play here, for boys and men alike, as you get to evolve your army from medieval to modern times, something we're now going to show you how to do!

Win the war in Era: Evolution!

With the mouse or touch controls, you click on the units down below, which can wield swords, bows and arrows, and other kinds of weapons, or even have cannons, turrets, and non-human weapons and units.

Send them out in battle towards the enemy base on the right, which you must destroy to win the war, and get enough rewards to advance in age, which means your units will become stronger, as they get more modern.

Of course, the same goes for your enemies. Both you and the computer send out troops, and you need to overpower them by having more units, and stronger ones so that you win the battles and take over their castle.

You will buy units in exchange for food, which increases as you win the battles. Use special hits when possible, and try to win each battle before the time runs out on you. Become a great strategist right now, have tons of fun, and stick around for more daily fun yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use food to buy new units and always upgrade them to newer ages.
  • Defeat enemies by having more troops than them, in relentless attacks.
  • Advance and grow your civilizations through battles.

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