Archer Defense

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What is Archer Defense?

Archer Defense

Archer Defense is going to be one of the best archery games online 3D we have had on our website in quite a long time, where our administrative team had already had a blast, as we blasted away the opposition with our bow and arrow, the first of many weapons you will use, in an experience we hope none of you miss out on for anything in the world!

Let's put up the best Archer Defense!

Hold the mouse (left click) to aim, and release when you want to shoot, having to take down the stickmen that are gunning toward your fence, because they want to destroy it, and if all of its health is taken away, you will have lost to that wave of attackers, and need to try it again.

Depending on the color of the stickmen attackers you have different times you need to shoot them, with blue being the weakest, purple being intermediaries, and the big yellow ones being the biggest and stronger. Others can appear down the line.

You get points in return, so try to get a big score, but also earn coins, using them to upgrade your weapon, as well as putting up more defenses around the fence, so when the waves are scarier, you can rely on it more. Good luck, enjoy, and right now we hope to see you start the game, having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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