Archer Ragdoll Masters

Archer Ragdoll Masters

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Archer Ragdoll Masters
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Archer Ragdoll Masters Overview


Archer Ragdoll Masters is quite the straightforward and dynamic archery game 3D online we now invite you, a hypercasual game with ragdolls, where your skills and precision are going to be the key to winning, and the fact that you're doing it with ragdoll stickmen will make the experience even better, which is why we will now teach you how easy the gameplay is so that you can start right away!

You can now become Archer Ragdoll Masters online, try it!

In each level, you have a wave of enemy ragdoll archers, and you have to shoot them down with your bow and arrow until you deplete them of their health bar and get rid of them all, while they are going to shoot back at you, so if they bring you down instead first, you are the loser.

Each new stage features more targets, which will appear one after the other as you defeat them, in different spots all the time. Shoot through the health, defense, points, or accuracy power-ups that might appear to use them, and between levels, you can use your rewards to buy new helmets and new bows and arrows for your ragdoll archer!

It's quite simple, as you can see, and we hope you play until you've become a master, as the title suggests, and then invite your friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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