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Noob Archer

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Noob Archer
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Noob Archer Overview


Archer is the next title Minecraft's Noob wants to add to his ever-expanding set of skills, as he knows that the pixelated world is filled with dangers, such as zombies, and why would he get close to them, when instead he could shoot them down with arrows, keep a safe distance, and keep the fun going? Let's do all that right now and here, shall we?

Become an expert archer with Noob!

No less than 150 levels are presented to you, each one having a simple main goal, and that is to shoot down the zombies with your bow and arrows, no matter how many of them they are, or how tricky they've been placed. This gets increasingly harder stage after stage.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the arrows, and try doing it in a way that you hit your targets, and kill as many as possible with the limited number of arrows you have. For example, you can shoot into the TNT to make it explode, or you can hit walls with your arrows, and they deflect to switch direction.

You might even have to shoot latches and open doors to get to your goal. This makes the game, not just a shooting one, but also a puzzle at the same time. Now that you've understood the concept, get ready for fun, fun as only here you can have!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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