Noob Archer Monster Attack

Noob Archer Monster Attack

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Noob Archer Monster Attack
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Noob Archer Monster Attack Overview


Noob Archer Monster Attack is the latest bow and arrow game that you have to play right now free of charge on our website, even more so as it has Noob, Herobrine, Creepers, Zombies, and other blocky monsters featured in it, such as Hacker or Pro, even, proving once again why this is one of the best categories you can visit and interact with here!

Help Noob Archer with his Monster Attack!

With the mouse or touch controls you have to drag back the arrow and point it towards your target, releasing when you want to make your shot, and depending on the angle and the drawback power you will shoot it at a certain point and with a certain speed.

Make sure to get those right to hit your targets in a level with the limited number of arrows given to you, or else you lose the said level. Targets can be literal, they can be balloons, and, of course, monsters.

If there are monsters, be careful, since they have their own bow and arrow as well, and when you're done, they will start shooting back at you as well, and if they hit and defeat you, you lose.

Make upgrades between levels to your Noob and its stats, and weapons, like this:

  • health
  • speed
  • extra arrows
  • strength
  • damage
  • buy helmets, bows, and even new skins.

Get ready to start arrow shooting and having fun right now, and maybe invite your friends to do the same, it would be a shame if they were not to play this same awesome game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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