Mr. Noob Pro Archer

Mr. Noob Pro Archer

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Mr. Noob Pro Archer
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Mr. Noob Pro Archer Overview


Welcome to Mr. Noob Pro Archer, one of the best combos between Minecraft Noob Games and Archery Games to have ever graced this powerful and popular page, where we are always giving our best to give you the freshest and coolest content on the internet!

Help Mr. Noob become a Pro Archer!

Your Noob character is sitting on a platform, and various enemies will arrive on their own platforms to attack him. That is why you have to do your best to shoot them down and kill them with your arrows. Drag from the right to aim your arrow, and then release from the left to make the shot.

If you defeat enemies, you keep increasing your score, but if they attack you too much and deplete all your health, you lose, so focus on not letting it happen. Various power-ups might fall from the sky, and you can shoot them with the arrows to grab and activate them.

With the coins, you earn you can also go to the shop and buy various armors and awesome skins. Those are the basics of this game, so you should now be ready to give it your best and have tons of fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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