Impostor Archer War

Impostor Archer War

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Impostor Archer War
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Impostor Archer War Overview


Archery games online already stand on their own as some of the best games you can play directly from browsers on our website, but they only became even better when they are also Among Us Games at the same time, since shooting arrows is way more exciting when you do it with an imposter, as they have ditched their classic knives and now using bows and arrows to hunt their targets.

Show off your skills and precision with Impostor Archer War online!

This game offers you up a total of no less than thirty levels, one more difficult than the other, but also more exciting at the same time, so we hope you give it your very best to complete them all! You control your red imposter using the right and left arrow keys, and the number keys from one to five to shoot arrows.

At each of the five spots you have different kinds of arrows to shoot, and you will be able to unlock them as you proceed, but also use the coins you earn to upgrade them and make them stronger, since dealing more damage with one shot gets you closer to victory faster.

On one side of the arena is your imposter, on the other one is your enemy, so do your best to shoot them down and deplete their health bar completely to win, and not allow them to hit you too much either.

It's that simple, so start right now, and maybe even tell your friends about this or any of our other games too!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, 1 to 5 keys.

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