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Impostor Hook

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Impostor Hook
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Impostor Hook Overview


We never miss the chance of offering visitors of our website brand new Among Us multiplayer games online, just like we are doing right now, when directly from your browsers you have the chance to have lots and lots of fun with the game called Impostor Hook, a 3d action game with a premise unlike we've seen in this category which is already quite big and featuring some of the best games ever!

Catch the rival impostors with your hook and become king!

You will be thrown on a map that is like a forest divided into two sides by a river in the middle, and with the mouse, you move your impostor around, with you trying to throw hooks to the other side to catch imposters on that side, and when you draw them back, you get points.

You keep playing until you have captured yourself, so don't let that happen! Also, the more imposters you hook, the better, because if you have the biggest number of caught imposters, you become the king of the round.

This makes it a competition between you and the imposters on the other side, so that you're not caught, but against the imposters on your team, so you hook in more players than them.

Good luck to you all, and we hope that you stick around for the fun that is still to come here today, all day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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