Zombies Royale: Impostor Drive

Zombies Royale: Impostor Drive

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Zombies Royale: Impostor Drive
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Zombies Royale: Impostor Drive Overview


Zombies Royale: Impostor Drive is here to combine Among Us Games with zombies, car driving, and all-around action and fun elements into one, resulting in one of the best new games of the day you can play here, precisely why it was the first one we shared with you, and if we started this strong, you would do great if you were to stick around with us all day long and keep playing our fantastic games!

Go on an Impostor Drive with Zombies Royale from Among Us Games!

Use A and D or Left and Right in order to steer your car which goes forward on the road automatically, and make sure to hit the Among Us zombie impostors on the road, getting points for each one you drive over and kill. With the money you earn from your runs, you can unlock new cars to drive.

Make sure to avoid obstacles on the road, because if you do too much damage to the car, you lose, but you can grab health packs from the road, so don't avoid those at any cost! It's all that very simple, and incredibly fun, so make sure to start right now, only here, and we hope to see you around for more to come today, only here!

How to play?

Use A/D or Left/Right.

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