Impostor Zombies

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What is Impostor Zombies?

Impostor Zombies

Defeating the Impostor Zombies is your next mission in the world of Among Us Games online that we have carefully built over the last few years here, and this fan-favorite page is about to get even bigger and better right now with this brilliant and fresh tower defense game with impostors that are also zombies at the same time, making them extra dangerous!

Protect the ship from the Impostor Zombies!

With the mouse you will aim and shoot the bow at the top of the tower, having to shoot arrows at the impostor zombies coming towards you, preventing them from reaching and breaking past the limit, because if that happens, you end up losing and dying, something you must prevent at all costs.

With the coins, you earn from defeating waves of zombies you can buy upgrades such as speed, but also more powerful weapons to use, such as fire and bombs. It is as simple and interesting as that, so we hope that you start fighting all these waves of zombies right now, have tons of fun, and stick around for more of it to come here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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