Tower Defense 2

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What is Tower Defense 2?

Tower Defense 2
Tower Defense is a cool new tower defense game where you need to build towers to defend the road from the bad guys. The bad guys are constantly coming to your location and trying to go through the road.

There are 4 main towers that you can build:
  • Archer: This tower will shoot enemies with arrows, it does 7 damage to the enemy and has normal attack speed.
  • Cannon: This is a powerful tower that shoots cannonballs that have 8 attack damage and also attack the enemy in the surrounding area but its downside is that it has slow attack speed.
  • Ice: This tower will freeze enemies and give them 3 attack damage, it can also freeze multiple enemies at once and has a fast attack speed.
  • Lightning: A slow tower with 3 attack damage, it has a chance to stun the enemy when it attacks.
Building towers costs money, you can earn money by killing an enemy with your towers. Starting a wave will also give you a small amount of money. After a wave, the game gives you some time before the wave automatically starting.

Time to defend your palace!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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