Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm

Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm

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Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm
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Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm Overview


Skibidi Toilet Haunted Dorm is a brand-new take on hide and seek games 3D with hypercasual elements, one that is also set in the world of Skibidi Games online, the most popular meme games of the year, so we are positive that this will be fully to your liking, as the format and characters have gotten tons of love here before, and we will use this following part of the article to teach you what and how to do it!

Hide from the Skibidi Toilet in the Haunted Dorm!

In the classic mode, you will first be playing with two other people, so three people playing at the same time, who all are Cameramen who have to hide from the Skibidi Toilet that is haunting the dorm. Get into a room, find the key to open their doors, and put yourself in the bed.

Make sure to use the funds you have available to put up defenses in the rooms and use those defenses to prevent the Skibidi Toilet from entering the room, and if you can survive until the time of the game runs up, you win.

As you win, you can use the money to buy upgrades and better defenses and get yourselves to being better. It's that simple, so feel free to begin right now, after which our team invites you to stick around for more new games of the day, from this or any of our other categories!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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