What The Hen!

What The Hen!

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What The Hen!
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What The Hen! Overview


What The Hen is the latest tower defense game with duels online that you can play free of charge on our website, one where chickens are under attacked by orcs, so the hens, guided by you, need to protect their home, something we will now teach you what to do, which you should listen to, especially if you've not played Age of War Games before, which is the inspiration to this one!

Play What The Hen and protect the animals!

Use the cards at the bottom of the screen to send out villagers to attack the various monsters who are attacking them, some of them also have hens, chickens, and other farm animals as pet familiars to help them in battle, so take full advantage of all to stay ahead!

Send out more troops to beat the enemies in numbers, and as you win small battles, you earn eggs, which are your currency, with which you can buy more villager units, or other kinds, sending them out in battle to attack from a close range, a wide range with arrows, and even magic.

If you defeat the minions that the enemies send, and then defeat their big boss, you win and take over. It's that simple and fun, so feel free to begin right now, win as many battles as possible to win the war, and protect humans and their chickens from otherworldy threats!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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