Boxel Rebound

Boxel Rebound

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Boxel Rebound
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Boxel Rebound Overview


Welcome to Boxel Rebound, a new take on platform-adventure games with jumping that is made in the style of Geometry Dash Games, meaning that they are quite simplistic in atmosphere and graphics, focusing more on providing you with levels that get more challenging as you advance so that your timing and general clicking skills become better as you keep having more and more fun, as you will do right now with this game!

Play Boxel Rebound, a new jumping game with blocks!

Use the mouse to click or tap on the screen with your fingers to make the block jump around, and jump to avoid falling into pits, hitting the spikes, or getting killed by any other traps, obstacles, or holes. These are all dangers you need to avoid in your quest of reaching the finish line at the end of each level.

Use the bouncy tiles to jump higher into the air, an ability they give you when touched. You are being timed stage after stage, so try finishing them as quickly as possible for a good performance. Good luck, we wish you simply the best, and hope to see you around some more, since we've got more great games coming today and every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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