Ice Fishing 3D

Ice Fishing 3D

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Ice Fishing 3D
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Ice Fishing 3D Overview


We've never had any Ice Fishing 3D games online added before on our website, which is why we're glad to be doing it right now, just like we're sure you will be glad at the chance of playing one, and in case you want to know more about how that is done, which we're sure is the case, we will do it now, as we've already done it, and we've got some great pointers!

Do Ice Fishing 3D online now!

Use the mouse or interact directly on the screen with fingers if you're a mobile user to take the bait, lower it into the hole in the ice, and then click to pull the fish hard enough, as they struggle until you get them out and throw them onto the ice. Keep doing that to reach your targets, since this will be your new living.

As you do good with the fishing, you earn money from the trade you do with them and are able to buy better rods, better string, and more bait, and we hope that with this progress you also gain a better reputation as an ice fisherman. Start this new adventure right now, a cool one for many reasons, and we hope you stick around and keep playing more of our other fishing games too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Tap at the exact same moment when the pointer on the target is moving in the correct zone to properly catch the fish.
  • Click fast when pulling the fish to not let it escape.
  • Buy better fishing gear with your money from the shops.

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