Barbie Mermaid

Barbie Mermaid

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Barbie Mermaid
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Barbie Mermaid Overview


Barbie as a Mermaid is the best Barbie, and if you want to go on an underwater adventure, Glam Splash is the game to play! Swimming with a mermaid online is one of the best games for girls, and when the blonde doll is the one, even better! Let's see how you will do it!

Swim on a Glam Splash with Barbie Mermaid!

Swimming is done using the arrow keys. Go up, down, forward, and backward! The glam part of this game is because in the water there are fashion accessories: combs, watches, tiaras, rings, and a cute little fish. Collect all five of them to finish the adventure and Barbie's mission!

In the water, there are friends, and there are foes. Avoid sharks, jellyfish, or tornadoes, since getting hit by them can make you lose, but if you find the dolphin, he's your pal! Grab him and he will give you protection for a short duration of your swim. Not too long, but enough!

Be the most glam Barbie Mermaid!

As you swim, collect the flowers and jewels, since they give you points. With those points, you can get some fresh new accessories, and when you begin the game, you get to customize your own tail Pick one, and then start swimming, it is all that you need to do!

How to play?

Swim with the arrows.

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