Fishing with Doraemon

Fishing with Doraemon

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Fishing with Doraemon
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Fishing with Doraemon Overview


Doraemon is an adorable blue cat that loves to do a lot of fun things in its downtime, and one of its favorite activities is to go fishing, something you probably did not know about this character. While Doraemon usually fishes by himself, he has now gladly invited you to tag along, as he thinks that you will be a great help to him getting as many fish as possible.

The fishing tool you are going to use for this game is going to be a fishing rod, which you extend with the mouse. To do so, click in the direction you want to throw the bait, and then click to make the hook slowly go down in that direction. Target your rod in such a way that you grab as many fish as possible that are swimming in the water.

Try very hard not to reach the bottom without catching fish, or grab any other things swimming in the water, because those things make you lose points if you bring them to the surface. Instead, for all the fish that you bring to the surface you get points in return, so the better fisherman you are, the bigger your score is at the end.

Good luck to all those wanting to help out Doraemon at fishing, and don’t stop here, since we’ve got plenty more awesome fishing games online you can find and play here for free, which we would gladly recommend anytime!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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