PG Coloring: Doraemon

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PG Coloring: Doraemon
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What is PG Coloring: Doraemon?

PG Coloring: Doraemon

The latest installment in our PG Coloring Games series features the one and only Doraemon, the title character of the longest-running anime series from Japan, which has transcended language barriers and becomes really popular in most other countries as well, so we are positive that a lot of children will now be very delighted to have the chance of coloring their robot blue cat friend!

Have fun coloring with Doraemon!

You will be able to paint a total of 46 black and white images featuring Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, and many others, and there are two ways you can paint them:

  • with Pencils: click on a pencil with the color you want to use, and then hold the mouse on the screen and move it along to apply your desired color.
  • with the Bucket: click on a color you want to use, and then click where you want it applied, and it will fill that whole area instantly.

Of course, an Eraser is always available for you to use to correct mistakes or in case you want to go in a different direction with the painting, but we are sure that either way you will have a fun creative time as we always make sure to bring along for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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