Doraemon Tokyo Racing

Doraemon Tokyo Racing

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Doraemon Tokyo Racing
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Doraemon Tokyo Racing Overview

You might not have known this, but the character of Doraemon is not original to the world of online games, but comes from the anime with the same name, with anime being what is called animation in Japan, making Doraemon a Japanese cat. This is why it is great that the country is featured in many of his games, just like right now with Doraemon Tokyo Racing.

Tokyo is one of the world’s biggest and most fun cities, so racing through it should be quite an experience. Let’s see how it goes then, shall we? Instead of racing against other cars, you are racing against yourself, trying to see how much distance can you make on the streets of Tokyo, and how many points.

Use the right and left arrow keys to change lanes, having to steer in order to avoid all the roadblocks, traffic cones, other cars, and any other obstacles that you encounter, because if you bump into them too many times you are going to crash and be forced to start all over again. To gain points you have to collect hamburgers from the track, so get as many of them as you can!

Racing with Doraemon through Tokyo has never been as fun as with this game, so make sure to give it a try right now, and if you like driving cars with Doraemon, know that there are plenty more games like this available for you in this category, check them out!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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