Run Doraemon Run

Run Doraemon Run

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Run Doraemon Run
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Run Doraemon Run Overview


Doraemon is being chased, and he needs help running and not being caught by the one chasing him, which is what you get to be of help to the cute blue cat by playing our new and awesome game called Run Doraemon Run, one of the best new skill games, which has been inspired by guitar hero games.

Why? Well, to help Doraemon run fast and keep accelerating, you have to use the four arrow keys, but not to steer him, because he will already run in a straight line. When an arrow is crossing over the bell mark, at that exact moment you have to hit the same arrow on the keyboard, and this way Doraemon can accelerate.

Of course, the more of them you get right in a row, you make a streak, and having streaks will increase the speed and help you get far ahead. Streaks also increase the special power bar, which you can activate when full, which gives Doraemon the ability to use the bamboo copter, meaning he will be flying using his propeller.

To fly, keep pressing the spacebar repeatedly, and gain score when you are in this mode. The giant that is chasing you will surely catch up to you if you miss too many marks, so make sure not to let it happen. It is one of the best running games and skill games to have been added in this category, so giving it a chance right now is a must!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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