Extreme Motorcycle Simulator

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What is Extreme Motorcycle Simulator?

Extreme Motorcycle Simulator

Extreme Motorcycle Simulator is here because we know without a fact that bike racing and driving games in 3D always make a big splash when they arrive on our website, and how could they not, even more so the simulation ones, because they offer you multiple choices on how to drive your bikes, and a vast world to explore on it!

Try the new Extreme Motorcycle Simulator!

Use the arrows or the w, a, s, and d keys to drive your bike through the city, where you can either free drive or find various missions to undertake, earning money from them. Of course, you are invited to use that money to go into the garage and buy new bikes or upgrade your existing ones to make them faster and cooler.

The game has really good 3D graphics, a dynamic world, and tons of fun waiting for you, so step inside the simulation right now, and see for yourself why we insisted on having this game here for you all!

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How to play?

Use the WASD keys or the ARROWS.