Doraemon Flap Flap

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What is Doraemon Flap Flap?

Doraemon Flap Flap

One of the best new Doraemon Games in 2 players online that you get to find and play for free on our website is the one on the page you find yourself right now, called Doraemon Flap Flap. You might not have thought that it is a 2P game when reading the title, or even seeing the image, but it is, and it’s a great time to have, since you get to be both Nobita and Doraemon, and go on an adventure.

The keyword when it comes to this game is co-operation, and what you are going to do in it, meaning your goal, is to work together so that you bring back all of the missing items of the totem because putting them back together is going to help you win the level. One player uses the W, A, D keys to move, while the other one uses the arrows.

Usually, the items of the totems are actually food, specific to Japan or not, and they can be put in high places. Don’t worry, because both of the characters can fly by you pressing the up and W keys repeatedly. Obstacles and different traps are added in further levels, so make sure to avoid them, so you don’t lose.

Know that if the hands of your characters are full of an item, you can’t grab others, so make sure to go back to the totem, drop them off, and then start collecting the other ones, simple as that! Good luck to you all in your upcoming adventures with Doraemon, and browse the category and you will find more games like this if it is something you are into!

How to play?

P1: W, A, D. P2: arrows.

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