Doraemon and the Balloons

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What is Doraemon and the Balloons?

Doraemon and the Balloons

We’re here to bring you a new and fun Doraemon skill game online, which seems to be some of the most fun games that you get to play in his category. If you know the character, you are probably familiar with the fact that he has a propeller on the top of his had, which this blue cat uses to fly around, and you will fly with it.

To control its flight, use the four arrow keys to fly into any of the directions. In each level, you have to grab a certain number of balloons to pass it, and you have to do it before the seconds in the time granted for you run out completely, so being fast is of importance if you want to clear one level after another until you win the whole game!

There will be birds flying around in the sky, and you have to make sure to avoid them, because every time that you fly into a bird you are going to lose some of your time, so don’t let it happen. Also, you can get upgrades to help you, such as shields that protect you from the birds, so collect them if you see them flying in the air.

Each new level gets harder than the last, as you have more balloons to grab, but you will also be a better player, more focused, and we’re sure that you will clear anything, and have a great deal of fun like always!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.