Doraemon Invisible Trouble

Doraemon Invisible Trouble

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Doraemon Invisible Trouble
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Doraemon Invisible Trouble Overview


Nobita is once again in a problem, with himself being the only one guilty of that, because he has tried on an invisible suit, wrecked it up, and now he is stuck being invisible. Luckily, Doraemon and you are here to the rescue, as you will play a Tetris-like matching game in order to unlock the gadgets needed for Nobita to turn back to his normal self!

Solve the invisibility problem of Nobita's, through sorting!

The blocks are going to come down from the top of the screen, and they can have both different colors, as well as various shapes, and your goal is to arrange them in such a manner that you form a complete row of bricks from left to right.

Once the full row of bricks is complete, they get eliminated, and in return you get points, having to get enough points to clear each level and unlock the gadget you get as a reward.

Move the bricks using the right and left arrow keys, press the up arrow to change their orientation, and press the down arrow key to make them fall down faster.

We are sure you will do great, get a big score, and we hope that we see more of you here, since we're far from being done with our series of great games of the day!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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