Doraemon Mice Invasion

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Doraemon Mice Invasion
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What is Doraemon Mice Invasion?

Doraemon Mice Invasion

On our website, we will always make sure to bring you the best Doraemon Games online on the internet since we know that he is one of the most iconic anime characters in the entire world, and many of the people visiting our website are also big fans of his, so they want to play games with him such as today's one: Doraemon Mice Invasion!

Help Doraemon and Nobita get rid of the mice infestation!

In the house of Nobita and Doraemon, mice are coming out of the floor, out of the walls, and they are even descending from the skies with parachutes, it's a full-on INVASION OF MICE!

The only way that remains for you to get rid of them is a gun, a revolver to be precise, one that you control using the mouse, so aim and shoot with it towards the enemies.

Try to get as many mice as possible and increase your score, but know that after six shots, you need to wait a bit for the gun to reload, and then you can shoot again, so in that time, if too many mice come, you might lose.

The main point is: don't waste bullets, focus, and give it your best! Don't hesitate to invite your friends for fun as well, they will love it here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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