Doraemon Love 2 Player

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What is Doraemon Love 2 Player?

Doraemon Love 2 Player

Playing Doraemon Games in 2 players is something we're sure you were eager to do, and you will enjoy this experience even more after seeing that this is a game about love, as love games online have always been great, and we recommend this one to both girls and boys. Invite your friend or family member with whom you play two-player games online, so we can explain to you what you will be doing!

In order for the two players to complete a level, they will need to collect all of the hearts in it before they reach the exit and advance to the next one. To control one character you use the w, a, s, d keys, while to control the second character you are going to use the arrow keys, simple as that! There's a green and blue Doraemon.

Use the stairs to get up, press the buttons to pull down bridges and other useful items to help you advance, and you will also need to use levers to clear your way up. In using the devices and items that help you advance further you will need to work together, with one player using the items, and the other advancing.

Teamwork is key, and if you utilize it, no matter how big or difficult a level might get, you will clear it, and have a great deal of fun together with the two Doraemons!

How to play?

P1: arrows. P2: w, a, s, d.

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