Doraemon Coloring Book

Doraemon Coloring Book

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Doraemon Coloring Book
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Doraemon Coloring Book Overview

We’ve seen that you really love to paint and color with Doraemon, which is why right now for you all we have added a new, fresh, and really fun game such as Doraemon Coloring Book, one of the best coloring games for kids online that everyone can play for free on our website, and which we would hope you’re not missing out on!

You have no less than six coloring pages featuring Doraemon in different situations that you can color. You have him at a festival, one where he wears a Santa hat, in one of the pages he is a butterfly, in another one he is jumping around, in the fifth one you can see Doraemon fishing, and you’ve got a sixth page where he is in his pajamas, flying on a broom.

From the bottom of the screen, with the crayons there, you pick the colors that you want to use, such as green, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, brown, and more. Applying the color is also done with the mouse. You click and hold the left mouse button on the page, and move it around to make the color appear there, simple as that.

In the same way, you use the eraser if you are not satisfied with a color and want to replace it with another, or you’ve made a mistake. Use your whole imagination and creativity to color this character you love so much, and we are sure that coloring with Doraemon will not be in the least boring, but end up being one of the most fun times you’ve had here so far!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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