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What are Tetris Games?

One of the most known and popular formats of games had to have its own page here on Play-Games, where we create categories for all the worthy styles of games for browsers and more that are available here, with Tetris Games being one of the most important ones.

Why? Well, Tetris is a game that has been around since the dawn of video games, being a rudimentary but really well-made game that has endured the test of times, since you can find a variation of it in almost all our categories.

We really doubt that you are not familiar with this game, but if that is the case, worry not, since here we will introduce you to the format, helping you play the games with ease, and have the best time possible with them!

Learn more about the origins of Tetris, right here!

The genre that this game would be fit into would be that of tile-matching games, although some would argue that this is one of the original ones to have started up the trend, at least in the world of video gaming.

The game first appeared in 1984 and was playable on the computer called Electronika 60, a home computer really popular in the Soviet Union during those times, and the game was developed by a Russian software engineer called Alexey Pajitnov.

The simple rules of the game, and the fact that it challenged the skills of players who tried it made it popular from the get-go, and over the years it has only risen in popularity, with many games have tried to recreate its magic over the years.

When it came out of Russia, it became really popular on the GameBoy, but you need not have that console on hand, because you can now play it directly from your browser, for free on our website, and with some fresh takes that bring something new to the table!

How to play Tetris Games online:

In this game, tiles in different colors are being dropped from the top of the screen, slowly coming down, but their color is not as important as their shape is. Why? Because you need to arrange the tiles in such a way that you form full lines of blocks from one side of the screen to another.

When these full lines of blocks have been created, those tiles are then removed, you gain points in return, and you get more space to keep arranging tiles. If they stack up too much and hit the top of the screen, you lose, so don’t let that happen!

With the right and left arrow keys, you move the falling tiles in these two directions, with the up arrow key you can rotate them in the direction you want them to sit, and if you are ready to drop them fully, press and hold the down arrow key.

A lot of fun awaits you right now, so playing our free Tetris Games online is what we hope to see you doing right now, and then maybe you will continue with even more of our awesome games!