Happy Clown Tetriz

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What is Happy Clown Tetriz?

Happy Clown Tetriz
As we've just recently created a Clown Games online category for all the fans of these jokesters from all over the world, it would only be natural that today we would share with you some new games in this category, and this is something we are happy to do right now with the addition of the game called Happy Clown Tetriz, which combines puzzle games with Tetris games in a way never seen before!

Solve puzzles with clowns by playing Tetris

Instead of your usual jigsaws, what you have are square pieces that are going to be dropped from the top of the screen, and you use the mouse to pick them up, having to move towards where you want them dropped onto the transparent darkened image.

Make sure that they fall into the right spots and match the image to solve the puzzles, because only when all the squares are in place and you have a full image in front of you will you have cleared the level.

There are ten levels in total, each of them featuring a new puzzle with clowns in them, and for each, you are being timed, so try to clear all the levels as fast as possible.

Good luck to you all, and we really hope to see you around more, as new and different games are still coming for you, so don't miss any of them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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