Clown Games

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What are Clown Games?

Here on Play-Games we always want to surprise you with new and interesting categories as often as we can, which is the reason why right at this moment our team is very happy to showcase you the Clown Games category, which is a sister category to Circus Games, because clowns have and always will be the mainstay or maybe even the main attraction to this kind of show, and over the years they have expanded from the circus to do shows in other forms.

Clowns are weird, because, for some kids, they are really scary, while other kids really love them and find them silly, and there is honestly no in-between. You either love them or hate them, but if you’re here and want to play games with clowns online, you probably love these performers, or maybe want to learn their tricks so you can become one when you’re grown-up, but either way, you are about to have tons of fun times and funny times as well!

The daily life of a clown

Clowns are people, usually men, but there are female clowns as well, who dress up usually in a onesie, which is made out of vivid colors such as white, yellow, red, orange, and other bright colors so that they look funny and interesting for kids, who are their main audience.

Usually, they paint their faces white, they have a huge red nose, and can sometimes wear a really big hat, as well as really huge shoes, which makes them look even funnier. If you press a flower on their chest, it might squirt water out of it!

Clowns can perform lots of tricks just like some magicians do, where they play with birds and animals, as well as using props in their routines. Still, their main goal is to be funny, so they fall down a lot and get hit by all sorts of things during their act.

Very similar to clowns, and their predecessors, are mimes, which look similar to clowns, but are usually dressed in black and white, and they don’t speak at all, but make performances where they move around and mime what is around them, leaving everything up to your imagination.

Some clowns are found at the circus, but many of them perform on the streets, during professional-made shows, or they go to the birthday parties of kids in order to provide entertainment for the birthday girl or boy and their friends and family.

The best Clowns Games online to play, can only be found here!

You can play games with clowns where you help them perform their routines and their various stuns clown dress-up games where you help them get into their costume or cleaning games where you help him clean up after the performance and change back into ordinary clothing.

Of course, some clowns are frightening, so there are plenty of scary clown games online, usually, horror survival games where you have to give your absolute best in order to survive their attacks or take them down.

No matter what you choose to play from this page, you won’t regret it in the least, so start giving the games a chance right now!