Circus Games

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What are Circus Games?

Before there were movies to see in the theaters, television series broadcast in your living room, video games that you can play on consoles or even wherever you are through the power of phones, live entertainment is where people spend their free time to get a little bit of relaxation and a change of scenery. We’re talking about things like plays or music concerts, but the kind of live entertainment we want to talk about right now is the circus. It has a history of almost 250 years, having been started around 1768, continuing to improve and modernize with the times.
The fascinating thing about the circus is that in such a show you can see a lot of arts being performed, as variety is very important in this world. The shows feature clowns most of the time, who are the people who dress up in colorful costumes, usually have a red nose, funny hats, and white makeup, and they perform all sorts of tricks using their tools, and sometimes they utilize their bodies to make funny things happen, such as the many mimes who do so.

At such an event there is also music played because it helps the show be more active and lively, and dances of many kinds are sometimes performed on the music by really talented dancers. You can have magicians who perform magic tricks, such as escaping out of a box full of water, they sometimes cut up their assistants in half, they swallow swords, they make pigeons appear out of their hats or literally play with fire, and they are always fantastic to watch.
A mainstay of the circus is the jugglers, who take balls, knives, and all sorts of other objects and juggle them, which means that they take these items and throw them in the air, always catching them with their hands, because if they drop it, the act is failed. There are people who ride a bicycle with only one wheel, and we can’t forget about the circus freak shows, where you see ladies with beards, huge or tiny people, and all sorts of other people with crazy physical features.

One of the types of show that we see primarily in circuses and which draws a lot of people are acrobat shows, which have people jumping in the air using all sorts of devices and doing a kind of dance. They walk tightropes or fly in the air by holding onto trapezes, and everything they do is risky, since falling can cause injury, but the show they put on is amazing, and you can’t take your eyes off them, just ask the people who watched Cirque du Soleil.

Of course, we can’t forget about animal shows, where the trainers have bears, cows, bulls, lions, tigers, and other animals perform various stunts and tricks. If you want to experience the circus life yourself, with no fear of injury at all, playing Circus Games online on our website is the way to go, as we brought you a bunch of such amazing games where you can do all these things and many more, right now!
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