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Extreme Pamplona
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Extreme Pamplona Overview

Extreme Pamplona

Extreme Pamplona it's a game that gives you a lot of adrenaline. From the start of the first level, we see a man running away from a bull. The action starts in a fighting cage and then in the city. In the city, you'll have more obstacles to avoid, for example, boxes stands or people, but look after the bull. If the bull Caught you, you died.

When you've finished the first level, you will see a map of the countries. Choose which route you want to fallow. In every country, you run away from someone else, for example in Spain from the bull, in Germany from a woman, in the UK from a policeman, in France from a man, in Sweden by a man from the spa, in Russia by a man with a sword in his hand, in Holand from a woman, and in Switzerland from a boy on the skis.

In each country is a specific route. The action in Spain is in the bull cage, and continues in the city, in Germany, we have many barrels and a circus court, in Uk, the action is on a construction site. In France, it's between statues and we can see behind the Eiffel Tower. In Sweden at a spa where it is full of men, in Russia, we are on a roof, in Holand, we are on a river full of boats and bridges, in Switzerland, we have a ski slope and from time to time stones and holes.

The last level is also in Spain, in the bulls cage where you can see many fans waiting to see if you get the finish line. A man will wait for you at the finish and when you get there you will see how minutes played in total. The goal of the game is to be caught by enemies and to finish as soon as possible. You can't play all the countries on a lap, must make 2 ore more laps to visit all the countries. Have fun! 

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