Power of Pamplona

Power of Pamplona

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Power of Pamplona
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Power of Pamplona Overview


Power of Pamplona is a movement game in which you must be with a toreador - a man who tries to escape with his life from the path of a bull. Your mission will be to control the bullfighter to pass all his missions successfully and, most importantly, to save his life from the bull who is always on his trail.

How can you win the Power of Pamplona game?

The game has several levels. The first levels are more manageable, and the following levels will be more and more difficult. Your main objective will be to control the running man, jump over the obstacles in your way, and try to collect the food you have throughout the route. Each bonus point you manage to collect will take you to a higher place in the final ranking of the game. The main obstacles you have in the game are:

  • wooden crates
  • the stalls of the peasants that are in your way
  • wooden barrels
  • wooden fences
  • the other people participating in the crazy race

The game will take place on two levels: you can run both on the ground and up on the stalls full of fruit. Each level has its difficulty, and at the same time, each level has its bonuses. The end of the game will be represented by many wooden crates that you will have to climb quickly, and at the top of the crates, you will find a house balcony with an open door. Enter the hall of the house through the open door, and you can go to the next level.

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to play.

Tips & Tricks

- Run without stopping; do not stop in any way because the bull will hit you with its horns in a second, and you will have to start the Pamplona race all over again.

- Pay attention to the sounds: If you pay attention to the noises you hear, you can identify the following dangers.

- When you find balconies covered with a red cloth in front of you, jump on that cloth because, in this way, you will be able to reach the end of the game faster. Also, the fact that you are above the bull will help you be safe.

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