Glove Power

08.10.2022 965 28 votes

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What is Glove Power?

Glove Power

Glove Power is here to once again show why hypercasual running games 3D are all the rage at this moment, with the glove of this game having been inspired by the infinity one used by Thanos in Marvel movies, having the power to tear down universes, and that is the kind of power you will now aim to achieve here as well. Enjoy!

Play Glove Power online free!

Use the mouse on your PC and the finger on mobile devices to move with the glove through the courses, going through gates representing time, space, soul, or other elements, which will alternate the obstacle course to your will, such as slowing down the time, or moving obstacles out of your way.

Do all this to reach the end of the level, cross the finish line, and snap the finger on the gloves, and the more gems you've collected, the more bonus points you are going to receive. Each new level is more difficult than the one before, but also more rewarding by the end.

We wish you the very best, as always, and we hope to see you around for more fun to come, it would be a shame not to keep trying our games!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.