JoJo's A Circus Town Wedding

JoJo's A Circus Town Wedding

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JoJo's A Circus Town Wedding
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JoJo's A Circus Town Wedding Overview


In this new game for kids, you need to help with organizing a wedding! There are 4 hearts that you can choose from to do different things for the wedding. The 4 hearts that you may choose are:

  1. Dress-Up designer heart. In this mode, you have to dress up the different characters from the game! The first character you'll have to dress up is JoJo - A female character that has many different female clothing options to choose from. For her, you can choose from many different hairbands to put on her hair. You may also choose her outfit and accessories. There are many different accessories to choose from, these accessories are placed in each characters' hand.
  • The second character is Croaky - A frog character that has shorter dresses and different hairbands like hair garlands! She also has different accessories to choose from, be sure to choose one that you like. The dresses are also different because Croaky is shorter than JoJo, she has shorter dresses to choose from.
  • The third character is Skeebo - A male character with male clothing options. There are many formal dresses to choose from for Skeebo, each dress has a different color! He also has different accessories such as different colored presents and balloons! He also has popcorn as an option for his accessory like the other characters.
  1. The next heart is the wedding music maker! Here you can choose the music you want to be played at the wedding. There are 5 different pieces of music, each music has a different tone to it, you may choose whichever you prefer! Next, you must choose the instrument that you want your music to be played on. There are 5 instruments to choose from including the flute, the trumpet, and the french horn, and more!
  • Once you've chosen your instrument, it's time to also modify the song! You can drop sound stickers on the music sheet to change the sound of your music. There are many sound stickers to choose from including chicken sound effects, drum sound effects, bell effect, and many smaller effects that you may choose!
  1. The next heart is the cake maker! First, you need to click the wedding cake you'd like to decorate and use for the wedding! There 5 cakes to choose from, the first one is the traditional wedding cake, the second one is the heart cake, the third one is an elephant on a ball cake for a clown-y feel, the fourth is a very tall cake that get progressively smaller as you go up, and the last one is a drum-shaped cake!
  • Once you've chosen your preferred cake, it's time to decorate it! There are a lot of decorations to choose from including circus decorations, and normal decorations. If your cake is tall, you can decorate the upper parts too to your liking.
  1. The last heart is the Big Top Decorator! Here you must decorate the different parts of the big tent. The first part is the Dance Floor, here you can decorate this floor with many decorations including tables, balloons, presents, and more! Next is the Archway, you can also decorate this part of the tent with a lot of decorations like balloons, chairs, and even flowers. Lastly, you can decorate the wedding table, here you can also choose from a big variety of decorations such as chairs, presents, flowers, and balloons.

Once you've finished the decorations, you can check out the wedding album! In the wedding album, you can see all of your decorations and changes you've made. Your chosen music is also played as you read the album.

Looks like your decorations have made the happy couple even happier!

How to play?

Use the mouse to interact with the game.

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