Death Attraction: Horror Game

Death Attraction: Horror Game

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Death Attraction: Horror Game
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Death Attraction: Horror Game Overview


Death Attraction is a brand new Horror Game, as the title suggests, one we would not have dared not to share with you all right now, since we know that this genre is ever-growing in popularity, so we have a feeling that right now you will be excited and scared at the same time to try this game, which we will tell you more about, so you can begin enjoying it at once!

Let's play our newest Horror Game online: Death Attraction, free and unblocked!

You have found yourselves trapped in the creepy house of an equally-creepy clown, who is your captor, so your goal is to escape out of this scary place while surviving his traps, his minions, and himself, so make sure not to get caught by these evil beings, but instead survive their horrors.

To achieve this, and move from one room to another, and eventually get to freedom, you need to move about, find keys, and other items that help you. Move with WASD, and use the E key for interaction, and F to put things in your inventory. Crouch with C in case you need to move lower.

Now that we're sure you understood everything, you should feel confident to let the fun begin at once, only here, and we hope to see you around for even more fun to come!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, F, E, C, space.

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