Jewel Blocks

19.01.2023 275 3 votes

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What is Jewel Blocks?

Jewel Blocks

Jewel Blocks is a puzzle game similar to both bejeweled games and Tetris games all at the same time, resulting in a unique experience unlike you've ever had before on our website, precisely why this game is a must-play right at this moment, something we hope all of you are going to be doing straight away!

Let's match all the Jewel Blocks online!

Use the mouse to place blocks that you receive, which are made out of jewels, and arrange them in such a way on the board that you make full rows of them, whether horizontally or vertically, it does not matter, because when one of those rows is complete, you will eliminate the jewels and get points in return.

Keep sorting and arranging the blocks to get a score as big as possible, but know that if you no longer can make any more moves, and you get stuck, that is when you lose and need to start again from scratch.

Start off right now, see how many points you can make, and maybe share your highest score with other players in the comments, and stick around to see what more amazing games are still on their way here today for everyone!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.