Doraemon Antarctic Adventure Run

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What is Doraemon Antarctic Adventure Run?

Doraemon Antarctic Adventure Run

Doraemon has always been a blue cat from Japan who is always ready for new adventures to have, and we really love it to be able to join him in those adventures, just like you are doing right now, by playing a game called Doraemon Antarctic Adventure Run.

Doraemon is in the Antarctic, where everything is frozen, and he wants your help to make a distance as big as possible, which is being measured in kilometers, so the more of them you make, the better it is going to be for you since that is like your score.

As Doraemon advances and runs forward on the ice, riding the yellow creature with wings, there are going to be all sorts of rocks and other obstacles that appear, so you click to jump over them because bumping into ones means stopping there.

Don’t let it happen, advance forward as much as possible, and tell us in the comments how many KM’s you made, comparing yourself with other players!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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