Cute Puppy Care

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Cute Puppy Care
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What is Cute Puppy Care?

Cute Puppy Care

You won't ever go wrong with playing a game such as Cute Puppy Care online on our website, precisely what we invite you to do right at this moment, in one of the best new pet-caring games for kids we've had here in a while, a game that we highly recommend, knowing just how much of a good time we have had with it ourselves!

Let's take care of the cute puppy!

Among the things that you will do for the cute puppy, we have to tell you about washing him up, grooming his hair, doing two rounds of medical check-ups and giving him proper treatment if he needs it, cooking him some good food, all of which you have to do simply by following the on-screen instructions and clicking where shown.

Finally, exercise your imagination in the style department first, by dressing up the cute puppy and his friend, and also decorate the doghouse to help them have a great party together since dogs are and always will be social animals. Don't wait, start right now, and stick around for all the fun yet to come, as only here you can have it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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