Extreme Kitten

Extreme Kitten

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Extreme Kitten
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Extreme Kitten Overview


What could a game called Extreme Kitten be all about? Well, it's about taking one of the cutest pets in the world, a kitten, and doing some extreme sports with it, which makes this game perfect for both boys and girls, and we are sure that you will really enjoy it nonetheless, so allow us to explain it more, so you can start having fun with the game from the get-go!

Do crazy stunts online with the Extreme Kitten!

Make your first click/tap when the meter is as close to the 100% power range, so that you shoot the kitten into the air with a lot of strength, as your goal is to fly a distance as big as possible, and we hope that each new time you shoot it, you get to advance even further than before.

Hit into the balloons, the kites, the trampolines, the birds, and other things around, and you can do so by clicking/tapping again to bounce down, so that you get an extra boost of speed and height, and get to reach a bigger distance than you would otherwise have had.

Take the extreme stunt runs for however much you want, and we're sure you will have a blast with this game, after which we invite you to tell your friends about it as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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