Nickelodeon Pet Vet

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What is Nickelodeon Pet Vet?

Nickelodeon Pet Vet

Spongebob, Lincoln, Zim, and other characters from Nickelodeon Games that you know and love have pets they love and take care of, but, unfortunately, even they sometimes need to come to the veterinary to get treated, which is the role that you are here to play in one of the first doctor games from the Nick category!

Be the best Nick Pet Vet online!

In the waiting room, you have multiple animals that have issues they want to get solved, and you click on which patient you want to treat first, it's your own choice. For each animal, you have a mini-game to perform in order to administer the treatment, such as shooting mint pizzas in the mouth of the dog whose breath really stinks.

Each new mini-game is more interesting and fun than the other, and we're sure you will have unique experiences as only here is possible, and this game will help you better take care of your pets in real life. Let's begin all the fun right now, after which we hope to see you try out even more of our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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