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Papa's Taco Mia

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Papa's Taco Mia
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Papa's Taco Mia Overview


Papa's Taco Mia was opened up after Papa Louie saw what a craze about tacos has taken over the world, and this is something that he is actually really happy about, because he loves the Mexican dish himself very much, and he now wants to offer the best product in this area to his loyal customers, who will surely come, as they know he always makes the best recipes. Can you also be his main chef and line cook? You've done it before, but even if not, you have to try it out, and we're woing to show you how to do it right now!

Start working at Papa's Taco Mia online!

The two characters you can become, one of two, are a boy and a girl, so choose the one that represents you the best:

  • Mitch
  • Maggie

In each day of work, starting with the Training, you need to complete as many orders as possible, so when people come and ask for a taco, do it according to the recipe they wish for, and serve it in a quick enough time. You get money for all your correct cooking, so keep at it to get lots of money, and good tips, and put some money back into the shop to make it better, adding posters, jukeboxes, plants, and various signs for decorations!

Use the mouse for interaction with the whole shop, the customers, the other workers, and the stations!

What's the most popular taco?

Each customer that comes over will have their own specific order, as they all have their own favorite recipes, so in the Order Station you will be told all the ingredients they want for their taco, so put them down in writing on a check, so that you can cook what was asked from you! Getting orders wrong too many times will get you fired!

Fire up the stoves!

In the Grill Station, you will prepare the meat, and heat up or fry other kinds of ingredients, like the rice or the vegetables, while you use the Build Station next to wrap everything up, add the side dishes, and the drinks, and complete your menu! Don't mess up the food too much, since you cook it from scratch!

Make your work easier with upgrades!

With the money that is left over after each day of work, make sure to buy upgrades that allow you to cook better and faster, such as:

  • Doorbell
  • Gold Spatula
  • Beef Alarm
  • Pork Alarm
  • Steak Alarm
  • Extra Burner

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Go to the shop and buy clothing for your character: the taco hat, sombrero, chef hat, the viking helmet, or the royal crown.
  • Use the spatula or the knife to interact with the food, not with direct clicks, so don't forget your tools!
  • Work extra hard when Jojo, the food critic, comes by, as good reviews bring in good business!

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