Plague Inc. Pandemic Simulator

Plague Inc. Pandemic Simulator

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Plague Inc. Pandemic Simulator
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Plague Inc. Pandemic Simulator Overview


Pandemic Simulator is a game that offers you the experience of living through a pandemic, but worse than the one in real life, not as a victim, but as a decision-maker, in power for the disease, as you try your best to bring your problems all over the world and kill it, in a strategy-making game unlike any of them you've played before on our website, guaranteed!

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There are three disease classes you can experiment with:

  • Virus, which generates the most DNA points, is most affected by the environment and has a bonus to infectivity.
  • Bacteria generate moderate DNA points, are moderately affected by the world, and have a bonus to drug resistance.
  • Parasites generate the least DNA points, but are least affected by surroundings, and have a bonus by having the lowest visibility.

Choose your first region, start spreading, and then use DNA points you earn to buy upgrades that will help you to make the disease travel, whether through planes, boats, or other modes of transportation, and make it easily spread from one person to another to dominate!

They will work on a vaccine for you but try to be stronger and stay ahead. Good luck, enjoy, and maybe try more of our online simulators, they are some of the most unique and best you can play online!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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