Farm Island - Family Journey

Farm Island - Family Journey

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Farm Island - Family Journey
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Farm Island - Family Journey Overview


Farm Island - Family Journey is, of course, a farming game at its core, but it is more than that since it is a puzzle game with matching and merging where these actions are made in order for you to earn money and resources that you need to expand your island, farm more on it, and become a big business, a family one, going from rags to riches. If this kind of game is new to you, allow us to tell you more right now, so you can enjoy it easily!

Build the biggest Farm Island on your Family Journey online!

For farming, you will use tools to go through processes such as planting the seeds, watering them to grow, harvesting them, and repeating the process. With the money you earn from your produce, you can buy new plots of land, and new seeds, which means that you can expand upon your inventory, and sell even more.

Customers come by your island in planes, and you need to try and fill their needs with all they want to buy, and expand further, to have more of them coming. Advance through the stages of the business, keep farming, and try making lots of cash, expanding your island and the farm territory you have in it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Build your own island farm by expanding the plots of land and growing more kinds of crops.
  • Expand with new ranches, hire workers, and buy the best new tools on the market.
  • Grow and raise animals to expand your farm even more.

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