Brakes Were Invented By Cowards

Brakes Were Invented By Cowards

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Brakes Were Invented By Cowards
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Brakes Were Invented By Cowards Overview


Brakes Were Invented By Cowards is an expansive car simulator game online featuring the Cybertruck of Elon Musk that everyone is talking about these days, but so many other kinds of cars as well, in a world where you can race, make stunts, fight, crash, drift, and explore to your heart's content, and, even better, do it at speeds only legal in the world of car racing games online 3D, of which we are always putting our best foot forward when it comes to sharing them, as proven today with this new one too!

Show us Brakes Were Invented By Cowards!

If you come here to play this game day after day, you will always be greeted with your daily bonus. Cash, of course! The Cybertruck is the first vehicle that you are given in your garage, which has a total availability of 38 cars, which you get to unlock by buying with your money, but first, you need to complete levels with the car you already have.

The Freeride mode allows you to go in an open world map and test crash your car into anything you see, like poles, walls, roadblocks, jump with them from big heights, roll over, and other crazy car tricks!

The same goes for the Trials mode, but when it comes to this one, you are given specific routes and obstacle courses through which to damage your cars, so by the time you reach the finish line, make sure you've dealt as much damage to it by hitting into traps and dangers. You are being timed, so try going really fast if you want more cash, XP rewards, and to get gold instead of silver or bronze.

Follow the green arrows for directions on the courses, which have ramps, loops, and crazy obstacles! Drive using the WASD or the ARROW keys, and the touch controls on phones or tablets. Use space for handbrake, Shift for Nitro, R to reset.

The Derby mode is made for those of you who like head-on confrontation, as it is the car fighting mode, where cars are put into an arena for a fight to the death (well, fight to the crash), where you hit into each other as much as possible to render the other cars useless.

As you win XP points, make upgrades to your cars to make them faster and be able to finish courses that are of a higher degree of difficulty. Let's start cybertrucking online with no brakes, only speed!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Break the rules of physics by driving the cars to the max!
  • The more you damage cars, the better drive you're considered here.
  • Explore and unlock the entire car park for the fullest experience.

How to play?

Use WASD/ARORWS, space, shift, R.

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