Police Car Simulator

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What is Police Car Simulator?

Police Car Simulator

Enter the Police Car Simulator online game right now and here to have one of the best driving games 3d experiences on our website so far, no doubt about it in the world, something we can tell you from our own amazing time with this game, hence why we made sure to share it with you as soon as possible!

Try the Police Car Simulator and see if the hand fits the glove of this job!

Use the arrows or the WASD keys to drive, and use the mouse to change between the simulation mod, where you need to obey the own laws you need to enforce, and the drift mode, where you just aim to drive and drift through the city, or the arcade mode, where it is up to you where you go, at what speed, and what to do.

Be careful not to break your own laws with the car, such as speeding, or you might lose your job, but try making and completing as many missions as possible if you wish to upgrade in officer rank and maybe even become the head of the precinct one day, as proof of your hard work in this police simulation game. Let the fun begin right now, don't wait on it!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROWS and the mouse.

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