Police Real Chase Car Simulator

Police Real Chase Car Simulator

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Police Real Chase Car Simulator
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Police Real Chase Car Simulator Overview


Step into the virtual Police Real Chase Car Simulator right now and here, which represents one of the best new police car driving games in 3D to have been added here in quite some time, and precisely because we have had such an incredible time with it, we would not have missed the chance to share it with you for anything!

Have fun with the Police Real Chase Car Simulator!

Of course, you use WASD or the ARROWS to drive and to enter and exit out of the car, use the F key. On the map, there are multiple spots, in the city and outside, so go to them and see what the mission you have is, which you can accept or refuse.

You have missions such as moving rocks out of the road, catching bad guys by chasing them down, doing traffic stops, racing and winning, and many more!

The more you play and the better you do, the more coins you will earn, and you can use that 'salary' in the garage to make your cop car even better, cooler, and faster!

It is as simple as that, so now that you've been familiarized with the concept, left the fun to begin, only here, and stick around for more of it to come, as every day it happens!

How to play?

Use WASD and F.

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