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The Last Survivor Pro

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The Last Survivor Pro
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The Last Survivor Pro Overview


The Last Survivor Pro is a new survivor simulator game in 3D we invite you all to play, since we hope you will never get yourselves out in the open fields, having to struggle by yourselves, but experiencing it online on our website can definitely be tons of fun, especially with this game, which we will now detail you so that you can experience it to your best!

Become the The Last Survivor online, a true Pro at it!

With the WASD keys you move around, with the mouse you use your tools, and you can change between them with the number keys, with the tools being the following:

  • a map for directions
  • a hammer
  • a pistol
  • a bow and arrow
  • a stick
  • a bone

Use these items to go out in the forests, where you have to hunt boars to eat their meat and get life points while making sure not to let yourselves hunted down and attacked by them instead, but also gather resources like wood or stones to make yourselves shelters, or craft tools to give you an even greater advantage.

Make sure your stats are always up, and develop your life in the wild as much as possible, so that you don't even feel that you went out of the city. If you die, start again, and try to see if you can survive for a longer time in your next adventure!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, number keys.

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